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Our alpacas provide beautiful products often of show quality. The fleeces are made into a variety of products including yarn, roving and rug yarn. We have handmade products made from alpaca such as rugs and hats. Alpaca is considered the softest, warmest, and most luxurious natural fiber found in the world. There are two types of alpaca, one called a Huacaya which produces fine lofty fluffy fiber. The other is a rare breed known as a Suri. These are shiny, drapy, and often compared to silk. The Suri is thought to be the original domesticated alpaca, and was almost extinct. They are still considered an endangered species although recent efforts to restore the breed have been very successful. Currently only 10% of alpacas in the world are suri, and 20% of American alpacas are suri. We are blessed to have suri alpacas at Alpacalypse Ranch, as well as beautiful huacayas. We often combine fiber from both breeds into one product, to produce a unique textile experience.
Not only do we have amazing alpaca textile products, we also carry fun items such as bird nesting balls, dryer balls, coffee cups and stuffed toys. Contact us with any questions or to request your own custom made alpaca rug or hat!