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Pagosa Springs Farmers Market

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Shop By GrowerOur Growers are local and regional folks who have devoted their energies toward bringing you fresh nutritious vegetables and fruit.

Though they struggle with the elements in our area that make growing a challenge – short growing season, poor soil and intense sun – still because growing is a calling for them, they find ways to manage those challenges with season extenders, intense amendment with compost, hoops covered with shade cloth, and other solutions.

Shop by Producer…

Our Producers are local and regional folks who bring to the Market the fruit of their labor in a wide variety of forms.

There are folks who raise chickens and bring eggs or neatly packaged and frozen chicken for cooking; those who bring baked bread and pastries from their Cottage Food Certified kitchens; those who bring preserved jams, jellies and pickles also from Cottage Food Certified kitchens; those who bring honey from the hives they have cared for and so many more products.

Shop by Maker…

Our Makers group is made up folks with a wide spectrum of interests and skills. For ease of locating a specific item we have created more specific groups of people whom we can describe as Artists, Artisans and Crafters. The distinction between these groups is not hard and fast but for our purposes we use the following definitions:

Our Crafters engage in the assembly of handmade goods, making items that can be attractive, fun, and useful out of a variety of different materials such as paper, metal, wood, and glass.

Our Artisans design and hand make functional pieces such as textiles, ceramics, leather goods, glassware, furniture, etc. On the other hand, our Artists create aesthetically pleasing (non-functional) works such as paintings, sculpture, carvings, photography, etc.