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We raise premium grass-fed and grass-finished yak and beef for discerning, engaged customers who want a personal connection and a community they can trust. Our ranches have been in the family for over 100 years and our goal is to keep them in the family for another 100 years.

Our grass-fed and grass-finished yak is some of the most mouth-watering meat you will ever eat. Yak meat’s remarkable juiciness is due to its naturally high moisture content, and its succulently silky flavor will send your senses sky-high. Nutritionally, yak meat is similar to grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Yak meat is naturally low in fat and low in cholesterol while also high in iron.

Our grass-fed and grass-finished beef truly will tantalize your tastebuds. It is naturally low in fat, cholesterol and calories, and due to its low fat content, the flavors of the meat are the true star, with deep rich undertones and herbaceous hints of the Rocky Mountain grasses on which they feed.

Our animals spend their lives dining in luxury. In the summer months the animals enjoy the energy intense grasses of our high mountain ranch north of Chama, New Mexico. Throughout the summer we rotate the herds through several pastures to maintain proper soil health, and so the grasses have time to rejuvenate. As we welcome the winds of winter, our animals depart the highlands for the hay fields of our farm south of Chama. Here they feed on timothy hay from our fields and from neighboring farms.

Our yaks are bred and born on our property. We do purchase new yak bulls every few years to introduce different bloodlines, which is important to prevent inbreeding. Our cattle primarily come from neighboring ranchers or local auction houses. We primarily purchase recently weaned, small-frame beef calves, as they increase weight quickly on our energy intense grasses.

Purchasing local animals is critical for two reasons: First, locally bred and born calves have microbiomes that are in-tune with the local vegetation, so they have greater resistance to illness and can also increase their weight more efficiently on our grasses. Second, working with and along side our community is an important part of who we are as a business. If it were not for our local ranchers and community members we would not be here. Their assistance and support is invaluable to us and our operation. For instance, it is not unusual for animals to jump the fence to “greener” pastures. If it were not for the eagle eyes of our neighbors and their assistance, often on horseback, it would be much more difficult to locate our wandering animals.