Pagosa Honey and Free Range Bee Ranch

A local beekeeper in Pagosa Springs offering local honey, beeswax candles and hive products including propolis and pollen. We also have Made-in-Pagosa beeswax lip balm and honey and beeswax soap products as well.

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Pagosa Honey and Free Range Bee Ranch maintains beehives in multiple locations around the Pagosa Spring area, ranging in elevation from 6200 feet to 8000 feet. The bees feed on a wide variety of nectars and pollens and produce delicious honey that is unique to our area. We use only organic mite treatments in our hives and our honey is raw and unfiltered. The honey is strained to remove things such as wooden frame splinters, etc. but pollen is still present and small bits of propolis and wax may be as well.

Our lip balm, soap, etc. includes beeswax and honey from our Pagosa area hives. Because we want to save our local wax for these products, our candles are made from high quality beeswax we buy from a trusted beekeeper in Georgia. Our 100% pure beeswax candles are hand poured in Pagosa Springs. They don't produce carcinogens like other candles may, they are long burning and create the most natural and pleasant light of any candle. Pure beeswax candles have a light natural scent. They contain only beeswax and have no petroleum products, artificial colors or fragrances.