Bison/Hummingbird – 10 pack cards


4 x 6″ greeting card

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Bison with a hummingbird. Can only be ordered in multiples of 10 Comes with envelopes 10 per pack 4 x 6 Shipping Fees: Free for all orders of $50.00 or more. All other shipping fees will depend on size of order and Local Pick up: Your cards can be picked up exclusively at the Pagosa Baking Company at 238 San Juan Street within two weeks (or sooner, if I have them in inventory). I will email you that information directly. You can also buy cards individually at PBC for $3.00 a piece, or 10 for $20.00, allowing you to mix and match your pack of 10. This design can also be printed on other items (t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, etc…) or can be framed. Email me directly if you have any special requests and we can negotiate terms.


Ta's Tangle Art