Why Shop Here…?

There are so many good reasons… let’s start with you.

You will find an amazingly wide selection of products here. We have…

  • Our Growers who make the strongest appearance in summer with some presence during the shoulder seasons and the increasing presence of year-round greenhouse growers who can provide tomatoes and peppers in January! They provide you with the freshest possible (i.e., nutritious) vegetables and fruit.
  • Our Producers who provide you with an equally wide array of products from jams, eggs, baked goods, cheese, meats, etc.
  • Our Makers who provide you with beautiful art, objects d’art, useful household goods and crafts of all kinds.
  • Where can you find all that in one shopping experience?

You can find products here that you will find nowhere else for you, your family, and your friends. You can find bargains here too, just keep an eye out.

You will find it very convenient, rewarding and satisfying.

  • Shopping here benefits your community and beyond. So many clever, talented, resourceful, and productive folks live in our environs who just need a venue to demonstrate what they do best. The Pagosa Farmers Market Online offers that venue.
  • Money spent here benefits our community and adds to the economic vitality; that means we all thrive, and to the degree that we can depend on our local production engines, we are increasingly resilient and sustainable, and our tread on the planet is just that much lighter.

Convinced? Go look around at all our online market has to offer…