Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours/seasons of operation for the Online market?

The Online market operates year round and is “Open” 24/7 as it is online; however, the times when products will be available for order are very specific and differ between Growers and Producers/Makers.

If you are ordering from a Producer or a Maker, products are available for order starting Monday at 1:00am and running through Thursday midnight.

If you are ordering from a Grower, products are available for order starting Wednesday at 5:00pm and running through Friday noon.

No products are available for order Friday noon through Sunday.

Once you have placed your order, a notification is sent to the vendor who then prepares your order and makes arrangements for delivery/pick-up.

Products purchased online during the summer season when the Live market is operating will be delivered at the Live market. For specific information check in at the SOS booth.

When the Live market is not operational, products will be delivered to another central location. Your order receipt will identify that location and the pickup times.

What are the hours/seasons of operation for the Live market?

The hours for the Live market are 9:00am – 1:00pm on Saturdays starting at end of June and running through the end of September (unless otherwise announced).

The Live market is located at 235 E Pagosa St Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

How do I place an order?

Very simply…

  • Locate your desired product;
  • Click on “Order” or “Add to Cart”;
  • Click on “View Cart” or “Go to Cart”.

If this is your first purchase, you will be directed to open an account as part of the checkout process. Your account will be created upon completion of your purchase.

How do I get my stuff?

Product delivery is not handled online; however, a variety of methods will be available depending upon the vendor and the time of year, the information regarding the specifics of delivery/pick-up will be available at the time of purchase. Here is the range of possibilities:

  • During the summer (June to Sept) purchases may be picked up from your vendor at the Pagosa Farmers Market;
  • During the off season, purchases may be picked up at a specified central location;
  • Your vendor may offer an individual plan for you;
  • if your product must be shipped, your vendor will make the arrangements.

What about refunds?

We are an intermediary; Any questions about returns/refunds must be addressed with the vendor. In most cases the Vendor’s policies will be listed on (or linked from) their products page at the bottom.

How can I become a vendor?

We are very interested in you and have made it very easy for you to contact us.

You will find a link to the information you need Right Here as well as on every page in the menu under “About Us” and “Contact Us”, on the home page under the big Grower/Maker/Producer buttons, and at the bottom of each page under “Links for Vendors”.

Simply click any of these links and complete the required information. You will hear from staff within three business days.

What if I want to use my SNAP card?

Excellent! We have a bargain for you with our Growers and Producers. The Market works with the non-profit Nourish Colorado to provide you $20 free for your first $20 SNAP purchase. And as you know SNAP dollars are good on the purchase of food while your Double Up Bucks must be spent on vegetables and fruit. That’s double your money and a well rounded diet! The one caveat is that there is no way (yet) to accept a SNAP card on line. So here’s what we do.

You go ahead and place your order and it will be ready for you to pay for and pick up when you arrive at the delivery point, whether that is the Market or another location.