Vendor Pre-Registration

Welcome Vendors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an online vendor with the Pagosa Farmers Market. Following are some basic expectations you will want to review.

Having done that, if you understand and meet these expectations, please complete the form on the right and submit it to start the process of becoming a vendor with us.

Upon submission, you will receive a call or email from staff within three business days.

Some Expectations…


  • May only sell “Certified Organic” products if the appropriate official certificates are displayed with those products.


  • Cottage Food vendors must display their current Cottage Food Certificate.
  • May NOT (re)sell products produced by others without prior approval.


  • May NOT (re)sell purchased goods/products. All products must be vendor’s original work.
  • Original work/products containing or making use of manufactured products/materials must be approved.

All Vendors:

  • May NOT sell any product(s) containing any measurable amount of THC and/or CBD in any form.